Let me out of this dream
this is the subtitle

My name is Alena, 19. I'm from Russia and I'm sorry for my bad English.
I love to create videos that you can appreciate in my personal youtube (find the link in the side panel)

♥ ♥ my favorite TV series: Fringe, Doctor Who, Sherlock bbc, TVD, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Life on Mars, Heroes.

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I have super finger muscles.

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Not Anymore | Adrian & Rose (+Dimitri) [VA]

Yes, this is my Adrian Ivashkov.
I hope that you’ll he like

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Dying like a shooting star | Lissa Dragomir [VA]

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Stay | Christian Ozera & Rose Hathaway [VA]

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Danila Kozlovsky & Agata Muceniece

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Danila Kozlovsky & Agatha Muceniece *heart*

Danila Kozlovsky & Agatha Muceniece *heart*

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