Let me out of this dream
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My name is Alena, 19. I'm from Russia and I'm sorry for my bad English.
I love to create videos that you can appreciate in my personal youtube (find the link in the side panel)

♥ ♥ my favorite TV series: Fringe, Doctor Who, Sherlock bbc, TVD, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Life on Mars, Heroes.

Dying like a shooting star | Lissa Dragomir [VA]

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Stay | Christian Ozera & Rose Hathaway [VA]

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Danila Kozlovsky & Agata Muceniece

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Danila Kozlovsky & Agatha Muceniece *heart*

Danila Kozlovsky & Agatha Muceniece *heart*

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The friendship between Lissa and Rose. The honesty and the way they are always there for each other is the most beautiful thing about the characters. Everything they do is always for the other. — Lucy Fry

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Sam & Dean Winchester | Seasons 1-8

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After we spent some time with Lenz in Los Angeles back in January, we discovered how infatuated we were with her. She exudes this very warm light when she walks in a room – she’s simply someone you want to know, understand, and befriend.

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